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Music for the Movies in your mind.


Shannon Saint Ryan is an independent multi-instrumental artist/producer with musical roots in punk rock. He was born in England and moved to the United States as a teen where he began writing music, recording bands, and touring with several notable groups throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Shannon currently writes and produces deeply evocative orchestral music that takes its listeners on a journey of danger, hope, and celebration.

Shannon Saint Ryan: Logo


FIRST FLOOR is Shannon Saint Ryan's introductory EP in a new series of visual music written as both respite and reflection to the noise and chatter of the modern world. Each forthcoming EP contains three instrumental pieces featuring deep, rich, orchestral and acoustic elements. Take a break from life and disappear into your headphones.


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First Floor (EP)

Shannon Saint Ryan: First Floor (EP)
  • Femur Bone (Instruments: Femur bone, conch shells, percussion, brass, wind, strings, choir) Key: C minor (Meter: 7/4) Tempo: 120.

  • The Dancing Lion (Instruments: Erhu, winds, brass, strings, percussion) Key: G# minor (Meter: 5/4) Tempo: 150.

  • This Path Will Lead You Home (Instruments: Piano, choir) Key: G minor (Meter: 4/4) Tempo: 90.

  • Music written and produced by Shannon Saint Ryan (BMI). Artwork by SSR.

Second Floor (EP)

Shannon Saint Ryan: Second Floor (EP)
  • Dark Matter (Instruments: French horns, Ney flute, electric bass, percussion, choir) Key: C# minor (Meter: 4/4) Tempo: 120.

  • The Orphans of Aberdeen (Instruments: Border pipes, percussion, choir) Key: D minor (Meter: 4/4) Tempo: 116.

  • Meet Me By The River (Instruments: Nylon string acoustic guitar, steel string acoustic guitar, piano) Key: F# minor (Meter: 4/4) Tempo: 95.

  • Music written and produced by Shannon Saint Ryan (BMI). Artwork by SSR.

Third Floor (EP)

Shannon Saint Ryan: Coming Soon (EP)


Unofficial Trailers (EP: First Floor)

Music written and produced by

Shannon Saint Ryan (BMI).

Unofficial Trailers (EP: Second Floor)

Music written and produced by

Shannon Saint Ryan (BMI).



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SAINT RYAN & SON is a collaboration between Shannon Saint Ryan and his father, John Saint Ryan. Their debut song 'No Time to Negotiate' was written in the hope it would open eyes and heal some of the division that is so apparent these days in so many areas. We're all in this game of life together. We can all reach out and help each other along.

Music written by Shannon Saint Ryan (BMI). Lyrics by John Saint Ryan (BMI).

At Cost Records 2022.

The T4 Project: Concept Album

THE T4 PROJECT concept album was inspired by the many bands and common bonds of both old-school and new-school punk rock. The album was performed by members of Bad Religion, Buzzcocks, Circle Jerks, Morrissey, Naked Aggression, Nina Hagen, Pennywise, Porno for Pyros, Strung Out, and the Subhumans. Recording took place at several locations (both domestic and international) including Southern Studios in the UK.

Music written and produced by Shannon Saint Ryan.

Illustrations by Keith Rosson.

T4 recordings: 1995-2000

T4 RECORDINGS was a small garage studio located in Southern California where Shannon tracked punk rock bands throughout the mid to late 90's. The studio existed by word-of-mouth with bands cranking-out entire albums (including mixing) in the space of two 10-hour blocks. Listening through the various tracks offers a unique sonic perspective of not only that particular time-period in punk rock, but also the raw yet steady progression in audio quality as the T4 studio began to incorporate higher-grade microphones and equipment (moving up from 4-track, to 8-track, then later combining two 8-track ADAT machines).


Produced by Shannon Saint Ryan. T4 recordings (1995-2000)


Shannon Saint Ryan: Composer

Photo by Amy Elkins

Shannon Saint Ryan: Composer

Naked Aggression: US tour, 2003

The T4 Project: Wonkavision Magazine

Photo by: Selena Salfen

Shannon Saint Ryan: Choir

Elizabeth Helms (choir director) and Shannon Saint Ryan (writer/producer): Photo by Tim Bramlette

Shannon Saint Ryan: Subhumans UK

Subhumans, US tour 2013

The T4 Project (full band and crew)

THE T4 PROJECT: Full band and crew (photo by Salena Salfen)

Shannon Saint Ryan: Composer

Towneley Park, England (photo by Jamie Kershaw)

Shannon Saint Ryan: Logo


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